Hashing Things Out

After a long discussion with my family, I think we've all decided what we would like to do next; we are going to open a Mom and Pop Weed Shop, or a Mom and Pot Shop. We could call it "Pot and Things... OK Just Pot." There has been so much talk about the issue recently, and I think it's high time we opened one.

Once marijuana is legal for more people than just doctors and Doug Benson, we will be able to achieve our goal. You see, dealers wouldn't want to sell something that is legal, because stores could sell it cheaper. That's our plan, to corner the market on a street corner. Now, I'm no business man, but I do look good in a suit, and the plan sounds good to me. We might need to open a bunch of them because, unlike a Starbucks, you would need one on every corner since weed smokers would never remember where the last one that they went to was. It would also probably be good to turn it into a bed and breakfast, or more appropriately a bed and snack fest, you know, with couches to "crash on," complete with vacuums in between the cushions to suck up the Doritos crumbs. We'd call it the Hempton Inn. I'm picturing a fancy hookah bar, with exotic paraphernalia to smoke anything, anyway you want to.

This could be the next big cash cow, I mean hash cow. Picture this: Bob Marley on the radio, every Cheech and Chong movie on the TV, including Tin Cup and some photographs of Chong in prison. Everything would be weed themed, right down to the center pieces made of dandelions, ivy, and crab grass. Sounds great, right? Don't get too excited; we are just trying to hash out our ideas right now. The idea could literally go up in smoke. I don't mean to be so blunt, it's just that I don't know what the future holds yet. But if we can get this idea up and running, I might finally be able to get my money troubles out of my hair. That would be much better than my usual technique of waiting a month to get things out of my hair.

I'll let you know how it turns out, if I can remember to do so through the haze of life. If I don't, well, that stinks!