Coming Soon to a Website Near You!!!

Website Under Construction: Proceed With Caution!

I've been telling people that I am really, really excited about owning the domain (You Are Here!). It's so great. But, do you know what I realized last night at like 9:00? I OWN THE FREAKIN' DOMAIN WWW.PEOPLESAYIMFUNNY.COM!!!!. This is also a website. A full website. And I've been using it as a blog. Just a blog. So, to rectify this, I will be expanding this site. If you move your eyeballs upwards from these words, you may notice a Podcasts tab, a Videos tab, and a Comics tab. Also, the About tab became About the Author, which I have populated with some precursory information about myself. Remember, I'm the I'm in People Say I'm Funny. Don't worry, my blog isn't going anywhere (Sorry haterz!). I'm just adding more stuff I like. Keep checking back, because stuff will be updating over the next few weeks. Basically, I'm just consolidating all of the funny things that I have out there on the internet. Everything will become more clear as I do it. Alright, enough gabbing. I'm going back to work.