(XLIII - VIII) = (43-8)

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Or as I call it the Not-So-Super Bowl. Was it just me, or was it kind of boring? I mean, I haven't seen that many people drop the ball since New Year's Eve. Also, the score was 8 to nothing at one point. That seems so strange to me. A safety and 2 field goals. Yuck! Then, there was halftime. Bruno Mars featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I would have done that the other way around, in my opinion, because one man should not have an established band guest spot his set, despite the fact that it was Bruno Mars. He didn't even sing Marry You, or my better version of the song, Roofie You. So disappointing. I just don't know. There were some good commercials, but honestly I saw more guest stars on New Girl and Brooklyn 99 combined. And I laughed harder. Well, I'm off to Africa to score me a t-shirt that says that the Denver Broncos are Super Bowl XLVIII Champions. Catch ya next week when I touch down in the USA. (FOOTBALL PUNS!!!!!!)