Can you believe it's August already? I sure can't (*wink*). But guess what? It's SharkWeek on the Discovery Channel and GeekWeek on YouTube. This is the first time they coincide since this is the first GeekWeek ever. If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain myself. Sharks are meat eating fish that live in the ocean and sometimes in a tornado. Geeks are meat eating people who live in houses and sometimes study tornadoes. Good things are happening on both fronts, so check them out. I'll be keeping an eye on both. If sharks scare you, don't go swimming anymore. If geeks scare you, grab your inhaler and take a deep breath, it'll be ok. But I'm convinced that it will be fun and exciting to observe geeks and sharks in their natural habitats. So go forth and geek-out about sharks..... or shark-out about geeks. Your call.