Song of the Summer

Guys, I'm trying to hone in on the song of the summer. So far, I've got it narrowed down to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Let me go over some facts that may help you choose between the two songs.  

Get Lucky: 

  • It was originally entitled "Up All Night", but later changed so as to not be associated with anything that One Direction has done. 
  • When asked how they got Pharrell Williams to collaborate, Daft Punk said "_____ ___ __ ______ __________ ___ ____ ______."
  • The song took 18 months to complete because nobody could agree about the appropriate number of times to repeat the line "We're up all night to get lucky." They finally settled on a reasonable 36 times. 

Blurred Lines:

  • Two different music videos were made for this song: one that was not show able on YouTube, and one where all of the girls are topless. 
  • When asked how he got Pharrell Williams to collaborate, Robin Thicke said "I heard this guy was working with Daft Punk on a new song and I figured they wouldn't say anything if I used him too." 
  • An exclusive early version of the song features the lyrics "You wanna hug me/ Hey, hey, hey/ What rhymes with hug me?/ Hey, hey, hey/ Now this will bug me./ Hey, hey, hey/ No son, don't tug me./ Hey, hey, hey/ This hole I've dug me/ Hey, hey, hey/ Maybe I'll plug me./ Hey, hey, hey/ Hey fans don't mug me./ Hey, hey, hey/ What rhymes with hug me?" Most of this was later cut so that the song makes more sense. 

OK, now you should have enough to decide. Please help me out. I'm really struggling here. Hey, maybe we can combine them into one big mash up, That would be cool, I think. Someone do that. Thanks.