Biblichal Chebrew

I once took an Introduction to Biblical Hebrew class, and not to stereotype anyone, but most of the class was, as you may have already figured out..............Asian. Is that right? Are there a lot of Asian Jews I don't know about? It doesn't make sense to me. Wait a minute! Is that why we go out to eat Chinese food on Christmas? We're all Jewish? Now, I was told that they were taking it for the study of linguistics. Here's the thing. It's Biblical Hebrew. This is the kind of thing you take Latin or Russian for.  Not Biblical Hebrew  When will they use it? History class? Ethics? The dry cleaners? And the funniest thing is to hear them try to make the guttural Hebrew sounds, like in challah, Chanukah, or Chonshu, Japan. And maybe the thing that gets me the most is that the students who taught the class acted like it was normal. It's not normal. The class should have been mostly Jewish, or Italian, I've heard they're similar. Anyway, look at me kvetching like a gefilte fish on a plate of fried rice. I apologize and have a good week.