The Hanukkah Diaries, with Some Seasonal Cheer

Day 4,
Well, I have to say, this sensation of overwhelming laziness that I have is doing me no favors. I forgot to feed my cat, and now I can't find him. But there is still oil in the bottle.

Day 5,
I swallowed a Tic-Tac whole yesterday, and I can still feel it in my throat. I made an omelet, and you know what, I am nearly out of oil.

Day 6,
The milkman was here today, which is strange, because we don't have a milkman. I also bought an alarm system for the house. I have to go, though, because I am drizzling the last bit of oil over some chicken.

Day 7,
I was able to scrape the sides of the bottle and saute some vegetables for lunch. But, that appears to be the last of the oil.

Day 8,
I didn't throw the bottle out yesterday, it just sort of sat on the counter all night. And, to my complete surprise, there is oil settled in the bottom, enough probably, for an omelet. It's a Christmas miracle.

Be joyous this holiday season, and take time to laugh a little. The world can be a cruel place, and although it may seem safe, you just never know. So this holiday season, don't be mad at your crazy in-law, or your wacky cousins, or your nagging relatives, or the kids taking the house apart looking for presents. Just celebrate together. And remember, there's always eggnog. Lots and lots of eggnog. Or just straight alcohol.

Happy Holidays!!