NBC's New Hit Show

Hey, did anyone catch that new sitcom that aired last Wednesday night at 9 on NBC? You know, the one where the out of touch white guy and the distracted black guy roomed together at the University of Denver? And they brought along their wacky older friend, but they only kept him around so they could make fun of him. You saw it, right? It was filmed in front of a live studio audience, so they didn't need to overtax a laugh track. I know you saw it. The dialogue was well written and zingers were exchanged between both of the guys. I think it was called Head of the Middle Class, or Saved by the Liberty Bell: The College Years. It's always fun to watch the two of them play off of each other. They get into trouble and then talk their way out of it. Now that I think about it, was it called The West Wing of the Commons? I can't remember. Anyway, overall I thought the show was good. I hope they don't cancel it after three episodes. Wait! Hold on a second! I'm being told it was the first of the Presidential Debates. That was a Presidential Debate? Huh? That's debatable.