Definitive Answers

If you ended up watching the Vice Presidential Debate last Thursday, I'm willing to bet you were confused, not just because there was a woman moderating and politics is a man's job, but also because the terms that were thrown around were unfamiliar to the general public. I will help you out and define some of the unclear words and phrases used below:

1. Malarkey - see bunch of stuff
2. Bunch of Stuff - (Irish in origin) see Malarkey
3. 47% - the amount of the way down the forehead that Paul Ryan's widow's peak extends
4. My Friend - my enemy, Paul Ryan
5. I've Got a Bridge to Sell You - the conditions in Scranton are so bad that people there are actually trying to sell away their useless, run down bridges.
6. Overseas - across Lake Superior
7. Calendar Year - Spring, Summer, Fall, in that order, the same way every year (Paul Ryan does not believe in winter)
8. Specifics - broad, off-topic statements

Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion. Happy voting!!