My New Apartment

There's a wasp nest in the bathroom,
Oh whatever should I do?
I tried madly flailing a broom
And yelling shoo-shoo-shoo.

That didn't seem to fix it;
In fact, more have assembled,
Packing together dirt and sh&%,
Until a honeycomb it resembled.

That is just one problem I found
With my new apartment,
A place that from top to ground
Should be condemned by the fire department.

It's an okay place to live in,
But up to code it definitely ain't,
Which maintenance's way of fixin'
Is to add a coat of paint.

More work needs to be done,
Of that you can be sure,
And it will not be any fun
Sweeping up the dusty wood floor.

But I think things will unfold,
And good times will be had.
It all depends on what the future holds
And whether it's good or bad.