How I Imagine Websites Were Named

Nobody knows how some websites were named. I mean, my blog name is pretty self explanatory, but what about other sites, specifically social media? Here's how I imagine a few being named, if each one were named by a douche-bag.

Guy 1: What should we call it? It's a place where everyone can show what they like right now.
Douche-bag: You mean Facebook?
Guy 2: No. A place where everyone can post pictures and chat with friends.
Douche-bag: You mean Facebook?
Guy 1: No, where people can show each other what peaks their interest.
Douche-bag: You mean what eaks their pinterest, am I right? Hey, let's call it Pinterest.
Guy 2: Ok, yeah, sure.

Guy 1: Ok, so Google's social media site should be called...?
Guy 2: There's a formula, right? It's Google with something else after it.
Guy1: Ok, so Google plus what? Google plus...
Douche-bag: How about just Google Plus? Except the plus is an actual plus sign. And sometimes we'll cal it G plus. And let's make it invite only.
Guy 1: Ok, sounds good.

Girl : We need a place where we all can hang out online.
Guy: Ok, let's give everyone their own account.
Girl: Like a place for each of us to call our own?
Guy: Sure, we will each have our own space.
Douche-bag: My space will be better than your space. Hey, let's name the site after my space, just because it's awesome.
Guy and Girl: Uhhh.........Ok.