Tweets From a Greyhound

I was wondering what to write about this week. Then, I got on a greyhound bus, and said this is great material. So I thought of some tweets that I would write from the bus. Here they are.

I sat down, then changed my seat with someone else #nicepeopleproblems

@BusDriver45 When will the bus leave? #stillsittinghere

I bet the megabus doesn't have screaming children #mommymommy

It looks like a Walmart in here #riverpeople

Just woke up from a nap, when will my leg wake up? #pinsandneedles

@HighSchool I think my Spanish would come in handy right now... #elbusdegreyhound

Seriously though, where is this kid's mom? #mommymommy

Getting off of the bus, which suitcase is mine? #homeatlast

Sorry, wrong suitcase #classicCharlie