But I'm Not On Twitter!!

Last week I tweeted from a Greyhound. Understanding it involves knowing what twitter is and how it is utilized. But what if you’re not on twitter? My advice, then, would be to get on twitter. If you really don’t want to and don’t consider everyone’s thoughts and actions important, then I will talk about something you do consider important: Facebook. See if you like any of these statements.

Facebook, where everyone is witty and clever.
Facebook, where a status is judged by how many likes it gets.
Facebook, where making friends only takes one click.
Facebook, the website you were just on.
Facebook, where a couple song lyrics sum up your life.
Facebook, where people can see the writing on the wall.
Facebook, where relationships are made official.
Facebook, where writing on another person’s wall isn’t vandalism.
Facebook, where you can own a farm that doesn’t need to be reported on a tax form.
Facebook, where the only way to put things that aren’t pictures into a photo album is to take a picture of them.