Watching TV (Sport or Hobby?)

I consider it a non-contact sport. But how about you? How many TV shows do you watch? Enough to get you through the week, I bet. But how many is too many? 10+, 20+, 30+? I have to admit that I watch somewhere in the 30+ range of shows. I'm not going to list them all, as that might take forever. What I will do is talk about a select few.

Let's start with The Big Bang Theory: Who knew nerds could be so popular? These quirky (quarky?) guys make every Thursday better. They also may have boosted TBS's ratings when they entered syndication. After all, Conan can't do it alone. But what I want to talk about is how the episode names are formed for The Big Bang Theory. It follows a formula; start with The followed by 2-4 blanks. Then take some big words and throw them together. Here are a few examples I came up with (with a one sentence episode synopsis)
The Laceration Assumption - Sheldon gets a paper cut and assumes the world is out to get him.
The Intervention Conversation - Raj starts binge drinking to talk to and meet women and the guys don't like it.
The Cosmology Apology - Leonard and Penny bicker over whose world view is correct.
The Probability Approximation - Sheldon takes to gambling and insists that he knows what he is doing.

Now for some Two and a Half Men: I don’t know why they got rid of Charlie Sheen. They could have used his new persona. In my version of the show, Charlie gets abducted by aliens and has amnesia. So he moves in next door and thinks that he is a bitchin’ rock star from Mars who kills tigers for a living. Problem solved.

Here’s How I Met Your Mother: Why are they using Bob Saget for the voice of Ted Mosby? That doesn’t fit well. You know who would have been good? Morgan Freeman (think about it).

General summary of a House episode: Person feints, gets to hospital, pre-diagnosis suggests Sarcoidosis, we find out that is wrong, House bets someone $100, halfway through the episode the patient begins to bleed from somewhere, teammates bicker, patient put on steroids, House wins the bet, House has a “Brain Blast” like Jimmy Neutron, person had a splinter in their leg.

And a little fun fact: If I were to watch The Voice tonight, I would miss 5 shows in the process.
Happy Watching!