Game of Thrones

Like any red blooded American these days, I’ve started watching the show Game of Thrones, which just culminated in a finale so important that folks actually paid for HBO to watch it. So far, I’ve seen so much blood that I think medical school would be a piece of cake. As long as we dissect whole human heads, I’d be good. They love to remove heads on that show. And never, not even once, does anyone say “Wow, that was really on there, wasn’t it?” You know, to cut the tension after just cutting a head off? Remind me to talk to HBO if you see me. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

I’m excited for the classic HBO spinoff and prequel shows that are being developed off of Game of Thrones, such as:

Necks in the City

Last Neck Tonight with Jon Snow

Divorced (Head from Neck)

Big Little Heads Lying There

True Denecktive


The Noose

Gentleman Neck

Unsecure (Heads)

Hard Necks

The Chop

Fraggle Neck

Gored to Death




Two Feet Under (A Headless Body)

True Blood

Slice News Tonight

The Heads in the Hall

Not Necksessarily the News

The Neck Of

Sharp Objects

Generation Kill

The Casual Vacancy (on my Neck)


Should be a good 2020, and I can’t wait to see where they all go from here. Crazy to think that this show will never really end. Based on fan reviews of the last season, seems like the show stayed pretty true to form and didn’t end well for anyone, especially the audience. Zing! 

That’s my objective here. Take HBO down a peg.

“Come fight me, HBO!”

“Don’t fight me, you’ll cut my head off. No wait, HBO, be reasonable. What?! No, I didn’t ——“

*Charlie’s head rolls across the floor.*

(Whispers) “A boy is truly no one.”

Fade to black.

Stay tuned for the after the blog post recap