I Gave Thanks...

Much like the Pilgrims hundreds of years ago, I found myself staring down into the precipice of what seemed like major lifestyle changes and shifts this fall. I wasn’t ready to separate church and state, but I was ready to make huge changes to my job, my living situation, and ultimately my comedy aspirations, like a bird flying south for the winter. Everything ended, and I said to myself and the air around me “Let’s get to changing!” Obviously, none of it panned out that way. Because there I was... and here I am. Nothing is different. But, instead of wondering why nothing is different, I’m gonna stop and say that I’m thankful for what I currently have.

When you really think about it, what do possessions, houses, and jobs mean in the grand scheme of things? The pilgrims didn’t have any of those things. They just had wild turkeys and land that was already colonized by Native Americans. That was enough for them, and it should still be enough for us. What’s a new iPhone, or a PS4 bundle on sale, or a new wallet and gloves from Timberland? Just new stuff. I posit that we should look around and take stock of the stuff that we already have and be thankful for that. So that’s what I did. I gave thanks for all of that, and then bought that new stuff that I just mentioned, because I can be thankful and commercial at the same time. Can’t I? Can’t we all? We can.

These times that we live in are downright frightening, I know. Trust me. People are infringing on everyone else’s rights and beliefs and it feels like there’s not a lot to be thankful for. Everyone is stressed, oppressed, and under duress. (Shameless plug; my Men At Work cover band Under Duress is performing at The Village Snowglobe for Christmas. Come see us!) What I can ask is that we all try. Try to be the best versions of of ourselves, the most thankful versions of ourselves, the most respectful versions of ourselves, in spite of how you act on Wild Turkey Wednesday or whatever. Trust me; it’s better for all of us.