Check Up

It's the end of January and you know what that means... I've turned one more year wiser. I don't see age, I'm progressive. So I just say your wiser. Like if I met a 38 year old, I'd say they were 38 years wise, like a really old owl, one that legitimately asks the question "Who???"

I've been to the doctor's a lot recently and I think that's expensive. But necessary. Ha! Butt necessary! Anyway, I'm fine, maybe, sort of, kind of, I don't know, we'll see. I'll explain everything at the right time. (I'm not pregnant, but that's not a far stretch from what it is. All will be revealed in due time.)

I've also started growing my hair long, in an effort to gentrify my neighborhood by attracting fancy Brooklyn barbers to wherever I am. Seems to be going ok so far. I've definitely added more guys with combs to where I live.

This week I'm doing what I started last year and checking in with you about how my resolutions are going. It's something that brings me joy. So I figured I'd share my joy with you. This is what my list looks like:

1. Stop breaking out into Miley Cyrus songs (Complete)

2.  Have a recurring sketch show at a New York Comedy theater, with new sketches every time.

3. Craft a solid 10-15 minute set of stand up.

4. Perform regularly with 1 or more improv teams.

5. Write a few episodes of a television show. 

6. Develop a late night television packet.

7. Write a play.

8. Release a book.

9. Attend the ever popular play 'Hamilton.' (Complete)

10. Begin regular classes doing pilates, tai chi, or yoga.

11. Join a bowling league. 

12. Get a new job.

😎 So far, so good.  😎