Sketch Perfect

Tomorrow is the day. I've written and directed a sketch comedy show called Channel 1 with my newly formed sketch group SketchTV. This has been my goal from the beginning. You all should come see it (tonight if you're reading this Tuesday). It's all about what's on when TV goes off. You'll love it!

New York's been snowy recently, in a really pretty way. Usually, when you see a bunch of white stuff on the sidewalk, you're like, eww don't touch that! This has been just enough snow so that you need boots, but not enough snow to shut anything down. That's the right amount of snow.

Unfortunately, we inaugurate the schoolyard bully with a Twitter account on Friday. That'll be fun. So far the musical guests are an assemble of crickets and a couple of squeaky floor boards. What a concert! I'm looking forward to it. I hear they got a pocket sized bible to swear him in on since his hands are so god damn tiny.

Come to my sketch show on Tuesday. It's at the People's Improv Theater at 7:00. You'll be there, right?