I just finished the 8th Harry Potter "book." I put "book" in quotes because it's a play. It's a long play. He's the boy-who-lived-through-4-acts. Before that, I caught a Pikachu. 

"I just finished Harry Potter" and "I just caught a Pikachu" are two phrases that I thought I would never say again, much to the chagrin of my parents who spent so much money on both. But this time, I paid my own way into the past as these relics from my childhood resurfaced with the vengeance of a thousand Voldemorts and like ten zubats. Now, I was able to do both of these thing s because we exist in the future but live for yesteryear, when Donald Trump was the "You're fired!" guy and not the "You're hired!" guy. Also, if it worked once, why not do it until is breaks, huh? 

Why does the old stuff work so well? What can it teach us? I think that the new, original content coming now is as good as it's ever been. However, and I hate to be the contrarian here, do we need to "revive" Pokemon or resummon He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Can't the new craze be Poke Bowls instead of PokeBalls and legal pot instead of Harry Potter? I don't know. And haven't we seen Hilary and Donald before too? When does it end? When does yesterday stay yesterday? Let's be new and inventive right here, right now. That's really all we have, isn't it? I thinks so.

Anyway, that's enough rhetorical questions for today, don't you think? Ha... Ha... Ha... (Walks into the ocean, never looking back...)