The Case of a Penny Found v. A Penny Earned: Part 1

"Buck"le up, folks! This one's long. (That's what she said!) Actually, I'm splitting it into a two parter. More on that later. For the past three weeks, I've been conducting an experiment. As Bernie Sanders could tell you, money is tight for the middle class these days. I took a real gamble when I up and moved to New York City to pursue the only job that would hire me as a civil engineer. And so far, that gamble has not payed off financially because I decided to live in Midtown Manhattan, where the only thing that's cheap is the fruit on the street (and the hookers, also on the street). The rest are tourists, fancy bars, and expensive housing. But that's not even the half of it. See, I went to college for civil engineering (see above), and I went to an expensive college (see my bank account). I got a really good education there, and now I'm getting a really good education in paying bills. Ever since the end of 2014, my loan bills have cost me half of whatever my monthly income was at the time. Don't believe me? You should.

But, wait! I know what you're saying. My problems are simple. I just need a second job. Well, sure, yeah, ok, maybe, I don't know, what would that be? Something fun, light and casual, like a side salad with dinner? Something that I could do in my free time, that wouldn't make me even more tired after working my 8 to 4 big person's job, like eating a side salad at dinner. Well, I think I've found it. It's all of those things and even under the table money. No, it's literally under the table money because the job is picking up change that find on the ground. 

Boy, it's funny. Who would've thought that having less money would make me more stereotypically Jewish? Now, I'm about to talk to you all about loose change (the coins, not the 9/11 conspiracy documentary, although, I could talk to you about that too, if you want. I have thoughts. I'm a civil engineer). If this is the point on this ride where you get off, I understand. Close this blog and have a cookie. The rest of you hold on tight; we're going places (to look for change).

To Be Continued...