The Case of The Daily Show v. The Nightly Show

Recently, I had the opportunity to see both The Daily Show, with Trevor Noah, and The Nightly Show, with Larry Wilmore. Both shows are amazing to see live. But which one is better? Let's find out (said in Mr. Owl voice while licking a tootsie roll pop).

First, the Daily Show. Jon Stewart left Trevor Noah a show that really does measure up at least somewhat to the other show. It was fun to attend and I enjoyed seeing Ken Jeong as a guest. Ken's story is so cool. A doctor turned comedian. Just like me, except I'm a civil engineer. But essentially the same concept, professional turned naked man in the trunk of a car. The similarities are endless, but the main point is that I could do it. The funniest thing that Trevor did was during the Q&A, I thought. He answered a cultural appropriation question by saying that only in America do you have white people who want to be Black. In Africa, the white people are like "Nope, we're good."

Also, the joke writing is so solid and the delivery that Trevor has is really good. Any time you can bring an accent in that isn't your typical British one is refreshing and great. And they mentioned a story about Donald Trump taking people's urine samples and tailoring vitamins to them in what was the greatest pyramid scheme ever devised. I'm sorry, it's pronounced pee-ramid scheme. I tried to write a sketch about it for two weeks and nobody ever understood what I was talking about. That's the obscurity that the Daily Show has to offer. My own little moment of zen.

Now, the Nightly Show, which I was just at I'll keep it 100 for this description. I really, really enjoyed it. The studio is small, as they always are, but the content is big (starring Tom Hanks). The warm up comedian stepped out and did his job well and he even handed out prizes, one of which was a nightly show shirt that I was lucky enough to receive. I got it because I could produce a condom from my belongings the fastest in front of a live audience. Ask me in person for the full, hilarious story. Needless to say, I never been happier to pull out a condom. Ever.

Once, Larry showed up, he did what Trevor did and answered questions. Then, the show started and it was all about Donald Trump. But, Trump is in the news. Hell, he is the news. So we really can't fault topical writers for going to what they know. They had a Trump impersonator, much like Anthony Atamanuik. He was good and really brought out a fun side to Larry that I haven't seen. Paul F. Tompkins was the guest, a true legend if I may say so myself. He is a great comedian worth checking out on almost every podcast available and I felt so proud when he said his favorite city to perform in was his home town, Philadelphia. Great job, Paul.

All in all, 10/10, would do both again. This is one of the big reasons that I moved here to NYC. To be able to do stuff like this. Go to work, see a show, go to bed, rinse, lather, repeat. See you next week, when I tackle money: Where is it and how do I get it? More on that later.