Thankfull of Myself

Well, if you're reading this, you survived the sequel to the Presidential Election, which is, of course, where your family politely asks you to the pass the bread and then not-so-politely debates about the results like CNN, but with less hardcore porn. Or more, I don't know your kinky family. I do know Kinky Boots, though. Great show. Anyway, you survived the sequel, affectionately tilted "Election 2: Election Bugaloo." But it was also called Thanksgiving, where the thing that I was most thankful for this year was that the Big Bang Theory wasn't new. Get out of here, nerds!!

As we inch out of November and into December, I'm reminded of Christmas and Hanukkah and the part where people need presents. I've never really given others presents before. I would always just receive gifts from my family. Is this where I got so conceited? Maybe. But this year, I need to get presents for others, both significant and insignificant (you know who you are).

Did you know buying gifts is expensive? Me too. We should be friends. (But don't expect a gift. I won't get you one.) Gifts are kind of like the election when you think about them: They are expensive to buy and not everyone is happy with what's inside. But enough of me complaining about being an adult, huh? Why don't I try recommending something useful. So here's this: Put care into what you get. Something with bells and whistles on it won't matter more to someone than a well thought out, carefully planned notebook with a quote that they said on it. Or something like that. I'm not the creative one here. That's you!

So as we as a country slink into December like a slinky, and by that I mean downward and one step at a time, we should remember those that we do have and what we just spent the last few days overeating for: the fact that we can be thankful for the three F's: Family, friends, and football. Have a good rest of November. (Look at how concisely I wrapped everything up. I'm getting pretty good at this, I think. I'm also still working on that book of these. If you see me in public, please let me know which posts you've loved. Thanks!)