Look, Ma! I'm on T.V.!

I know what you are all thinking. "Gee willickers! I really want to see you on national television, Charlie." Well, fine reader, this is the week to see your wildest dreams come true. I have two chances to be on T.V. this week. That's right, two! Dos! Double trouble! 

The first is right now, depending on when you are reading this. Jimmy Kimmel does a Wall of America segment on his late night talk show, wherein he basically Skype's with "civilians," or non-celebrities. Now, I'm pretty much a real celebrity, but today, if they use it, I might be on that wall pretending to be a civilian at 11:35 pm EST on Monday, June 22nd on ABC (Check your local listings). He might talk to me. I don't know, I'm not him (but I'd like to be). Hopefully, I don't turn into the "Apparently Kid," because that would be embarrassing. But then again, it may get me on Ellen. So who knows?

The second chance comes this upcoming Sunday through next Wednesday. As we all know, I'm a caddie. This week I get to pretend that I'm a caddie on the PGA tour, as I will be working in the 48th PGA PNC, or the professional national championship. Club professionals come from all over the country come to compete for a spot on the tour. That will be on the Golf Channel. Look for me; I'll be dressed like everybody else. I'll be wearing a black bib, white shirt, and tan shorts caddying for a Mr. Hudson. I won't have any speaking lines, but I may shoot the camera a grin or a quick nod. Because the camera loves me and I love it. Let's just make sure they get my good side, the right side. That much needs to happen. After that, it's  all a toss up. Sorry, I have to go now.

Lights! Camera! Action! 

UPDATE: I will not be on TV Monday night. They decided not to use the wall. :( This is a real thing, however, and I will let you know if I am ever on it.