Spring Forward

This past weekend, we turned the clocks forward and started daylight savings time again. The good news is that my clock in the car is finally right. The bad news is that we lost an hour of precious time. I love my own time to relax and unwind. The one thing that I hate most is when people waste my time. I value my time almost as much as I value myself. The list goes me, my time, and like Chipotle or something. Those are my top three favorite things. 

Anyway, we "sprung forward" this Sunday, just as Ben Franklin intended it. Although I don't know if I agree with old Ben on this one. One too many electric shocks to head, if you catch my drift. It just doesn't make sense to me. Who needs a longer summer night and more light in the morning during the winter? Not this guy. I don't care about it.

Have a good week. Adjust to the time change. You've done it before, I suspect. This week will be busy for me, but I do all of my living on the weekends, so it's ok. Spring is coming soon, and I can't wait. The stupid groundhog was right. This winter even I was afraid of my own shadow. See ya next week.