A Brand New Day

Today is not a brand new day. Today is the next day, building off of what has happened ever since I developed consciousness. Like a stack of twenty-something year old legos. It's not forgive and forget with me. If you piss me off today, tomorrow I'll still be mad at you. Passive aggressively, of course, but still mad. What I mean is that I tend to hold grudges. I'm like a hoarder of grudges in that respect. My house is full of old newspapers, dead cats, and grudges. Just kidding, there's no old newspapers. 

You know the saying "It's not personal, it's business," right? Personally, that makes no sense. It has to be somewhat personal. You can't keep screwing someone over and expect them to just shrug it off. Eventually, they are going to want you to buy them dinner. With dessert. None of that decaf coffee, either. Like a slice of cheesecake or apple pie. Real dessert. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't piss me off because I'm like 9/11: I never forget. (Too soon?)