Bored Games

You'll never guess what I've been watching a lot of over the past few days. No, it's not you through your bedroom window (or is it???). It's amateurs playing a board game. And that board game is chess. Note how I said board game and not sport. Listen, if I can play it in my living room, is it a sport? Is it? Didn't think so. But have you ever watched nerdy weirdos play chess? The experience leaves much to be desired, trust me (That's what she said!). I don't play chess; I'm merely a spectator (That's what she said!). My earliest chess memory involves the classic Simpsons themed chess set and someone telling me that I couldn't play it with them. It turned out to be fine because I ended up just playing checkers, both regular and my Jackie Chan themed Chinese checkers set. 

Watching chess also got me thinking. I imagine it would be pretty difficult to play chess in Australia, because your opponent would say "Ah, that's check, mate," and you would retort "Well, no, hold on I can still move my king here," and then he would say "No, it's check, mate," and you would fire back "Nuh uh, I can take your queen with my knight," and he would say "No, mate, it's check... mate," and you would say "But I can castle. I can castle!" and so on and so forth in an exchange reminiscent of Abbott and Costello. And plus, the pieces move the opposite way on the board over there, so it's really confusing.

Have a good week, and remember Chess's infamous slogan - "Chess: Keeping nerds in check since whenever chess was invented."