Oh Hanukkah, Oh... Hanukkah?

Well, guys, this is it. We are right in the thick of things. It's night 7 of Hanukkah, followed by day 7 tomorrow. We are neck and neck Christmas this year instead of neck and neck with Thanksgiving, like last year. That was rough. This year is more normal, typical. Night seven means that the menorah and the surrounding kitchen counter look like a mini Maccabean battle was fought there. There are burn marks scattered around, with the bodies of wooden matches laid to rest in shallow, waxy graves. How many matches must die? Candles I understand. 44 will vanish in total. But matches? And we are using the good ones, from Morton's. The horror!! The horror!! 

But aside from all of that devastation, Hanukkah has been going great. Good presents, good food, and good company. Yes, this year, Jewish Christmas is one of the bests. I think that our stereotypical tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Eve and getting Chinese food on Christmas will be upheld with as much fervor as a New Year's Resolution gym goers' plans to work out. And by that, I mean we will definitely do it once. 

If you haven't figured out that I don't have anything to say this week, you must be a new reader. Welcome!!! I didn't know I had any family left who hadn't starting reading this. You must be from my mom's side. Merry Holidays!! Happy Christmas!! (Happy/Merry?) Kwanzaa!! and last but not least, Happy Hanukkah.