Killing IT

How are you? Are you doing alright after the madness that was Thursday through today? I woke up feeling like a Dallas Cowboys fan: broke, both spiritually and financially. 

But then I remembered, I do have a job. Have I told you about it? I have to be vague because it's apparently classified, but let's just say that I'm doing IT work for one company, working under a different company, and employed by yet another company. A triple threat! It's basically me running around and farting in almost every room of an office building.

I have what's called a temp job, or a job for people who need money, but don't want all of the security that comes along with having a real job. I'm actually enjoying it a lot. Now, I know what you're asking and saying. "Charlie, what do you know about IT support? You got an F on your programming final. You failed the easiest class in school, the one that introduced you to the way that your college handled it's network and computer labs, and had to retake it the next semester. You studied civil engineering, for Christ's sake." Hey, I studied civil engineering for my sake! And I'm very insecure about that other stuff. I'm sad now that you brought it up. That was uncalled for.

Now, as we all know, I'm a genius and good at everything, so naturally I'm killing it right now. Everybody loves me. I'm like the Raymond of IT employees. And my brother is the Brad. It's nice. I don't even mind working from 1 P.M. to 11 P.M. There's no traffic during either of my commutes. It's the best.

And on a day like today, Cyber Monday, I'm right in my element. I got money to spend and knowledge about computers. Watch out world! Here I come! It's finally all clicking into place. (Get it? Hahahahahaha!!!)