The Fall Begins Now

Whoa, is it Monday already? It seems like just yesterday that it was Sunday. Hmm. Fall started yesterday. Do you sometimes feel like fall is sprung upon us out of nowhere? Nah, me neither. Is it ok if I ramble tonight? I didn't really prepare much and got caught doing other work, so now I feel really unprepared and whatever. I'll just talk like this until I get tired of writing. That's fine, right? To have not prepared anything? I have next week's post in mind, if that's any consolation. No, I guess it isn't, you're right. Great, now I'm anticipating what you're thinking while you read this. Was I right? What am I asking you for? I can't hear what you say. Is everyone busy, or is it just me? I think everyone is busy. I'm probably gonna stop. There's like a ton of TV on to watch. Don't I have work, you ask? Yeah, but, TV, work, TV, work, TV, work........TV wins.