25 States

If you ask my opinion (and I know you always do), there should be less states. 50 is a lot to keep track of. Who has the time? Not me. Below is my list of 25 states, each one a combination of two separate states. Be advised that the states need not border each other. 

Florizona, Ohawaii, Alaskansas, Ioregon, Nouth Carolina, Sorth Dakota, Calindiana, Texabama, Mainesachusetts, Arkansota, Nebraskentucky, Vermontana, New Mexicolorado, Virgeorgia, Wyomissouri, Marylaware, Tennessippi, Utaho, West Pennsylvirginia, Illinevada, Wisconnecticut, New Washingtork, New Hampshey, Rhode Islouisiana, Michisouri

I don't know about you, but next week I'm moving to New Hampshey.