Fan Mail

Posted by KeyboardShark69:

Dear Idiot, 

Hey, where was Monday's post? I end up on this website once a week to take in reliable, mediocre at best humor on any stupid topic you choose. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this site and found nothing good (kind of like every week, except this week even less). I was very disappointed in you. Step up your game or you may lose a follower, which I'm pretty  sure you can't afford to do. I'll be waiting for your next slip up. 


My response: 

Dear KeyboardShark69,  

I sincerely apologize for causing you to expect anything from me. The truth is things got busy and I wasn't able to provide you this free content that you've come to rely on for a laugh, even if it is very briefly and through your nose. I encourage you to keep reading and don't worry, my game will be stepped up from here on out. Not sure how my writing will be, but my game will be good. 


P.S. Were the first 68 KeyboardShark names taken?