Fun. Facts

Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of the band Fun., is dating Lena Dunham of the TV show GIRLS. Interestingly enough, they met the same way Lena's character Hannah meets guys on the show; after having sex two times in a row.

Did you know that Fun. currently has 2 albums out right now, one called Aim and Ignite and one called Some Nights? However, unlike its name, Aim and Ignite was a misfire.

Early spellings of the bands name included Fun;, fun!, ¡Fún!, and Fun?.

The music video for the song "We Are Young" shows a slow motion scene that blends a food fight with a barroom brawl, all while Fun. is playing on stage. I don't know, to me the stage looked less Fun. than the barroom. In any case, the brawl taking place was completely disrespectful to the band members on stage, who were merely trying to slow motion sing their way to the top of the charts. 

Fun. has received 26 nominations over their career. They've won 4 times. So, it's obviously more Fun. just to be nominated.