Cyber Mundane

This is what I'm talking about people. The Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. I'm going to wager, and this is a complete guess while blindfolded in a soundproof room, that you're saying to yourself "I wish it was still the long weekend." Because it wasn't long enough. Tell me I'm wrong. Go on. Don't actually, though, because I can't hear you and refuse to listen. The point is that today is boring. Sure, it's Cyber Monday, a day sacred to online shoppers all over the world. But what else, huh? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. That being said, it is the sixth night of Hanukkah. But every Cyber Monday is Hanukkah to me, so... I don't know what you want to do there. Go shop online to brighten up your day. But that's all you have. Here, tell ya what, I tell you a joke, and you can finish reading this and get back to your busy life. Here it goes: Sometimes, I think about lying to people and telling them that I drive a limousine professionally. But then I think, "nah, that might be a stretch." Actually, it's a play on words. So it's a pun. Groan or grin accordingly.