Be Concise

I already feel like I've said too much, and I haven't even said anything yet. That's how worried I am about being concise. Don't use too many words. Ever. People will hate you for it. The best place to learn concision is not a high school or college English class. It's on twitter. To be able to express your thought gems in 140 characters or less, and that's characters, not letters, is extremely daunting. When it tells me 140 characters or less, I give it this look as if I've been told that the Pope quit. "That's impossible, there's no physical way."  But alas, I can always do it. Thanks twitter. Another way to experience concision is when you are talking to a stupid person. You know, short, quick sentences, no big words. Again, plenty of stupid people are on twitter, and the entirety of the internet for that matter, so have at it. If you've been to the comments section of a YouTube video, you know what I'm puttin' down. Alright, I've taken up enough of your time. So..., yep... I... will... talk to you... later. Have a good day.