New Year's Evening

Happy Monday!!!!!!

Thar's right, it's New Years Eve. People said it would all end on the 21st of December. They also said I'm funny. They were wrong on both accounts. But do you know what is ending that they aren't wrong about? The year 2012. Personally, I welcome 2013 with open arms and open hands because we need to slap some sense into this new year and get stuff done. Right now, however, I recommend getting a pad of paper and writing down your realistic yet implausible resolutions, and then taking a moment to practice writing 2013. Because if I see one sheet of paper with 2012 on it, so help me I will break every single writing utensil you own. The fun part, though, is watching everyone drop the ball at New Year's Rockin' Eve in Times Square, with someone named Ryan Seacrest, whoever that is. By drop the ball, I mean mess up, not make the ball the drop. And maybe they'll answer my question of where do all those people go to the bathroom? (I don't think my first guess of in the subway is correct, there's way too many people.) In conclusion, Happy New Year and may 2013 finally be the year that you complete and stick with all of your resolutions.