Happy Halloween!

Boo! Halloween is a scary time when people are tricking and/or treating you into eating candy and getting diabetes. Scary, campy movies about scary camps are on TV. This is the one time a year when you are expected to feed everyone else’s kids. It’s like, “I don’t even feed my own kids, why should I feed everyone else’s? Go home!!” But, nevertheless, we deal with it the best way we can, by buying jumbo bags of bite size candy and rotting the teeth of our future. But also, it’s a time for ghost stories and funny costumes. Want to hear a ghost story?

A man is trapped in the basement. “Let me out,” he yells. No answer. Just then, he hears a crackling noise from behind the door. It opens slowly, and the light blinds him in his eyeballs. Standing in the doorway is a small child. "What’s your name?” the man asks. The kid smiles ominously, laughs, and runs away. Standing behind that kid is an even smaller child, who falls over and begins to cry. The man picks the child up and quickly realizes that this kid is not his own. I could get into trouble for kidnapping, he thinks. The child begins to fall asleep. "Ahhh," he yells. "This kid is napping!" He tosses the child onto the couch, runs out of the house and into the street, where he is run over by a bicycle, with nobody riding it. Ooooh, oooooooh.

That was fun. Happy Halloween.

P.S. - This was the 52nd  week that I’ve posted something. Next week, I will be celebrating the one-year anniversary (which I think is the silver anniversary). Stay tuned.