I recently found out that 1 more person reads this blog, so it's pretty safe to say that it has become a well known reference in pop-culture.  What's next, you ask? Why, rhyming spin-offs of course! Let me know if any of these interest you:

People Say I'ts Sunny - pictures of the sun
People Don't Say I'm Funny - different angry comments from individual blog posts
People Say I'm Punny - all puns about various topics
Look, There's A Bunny - pictures of rabbits
People Like To Make Money - list of different career possibilities depending on your interests
Hey, What's Up Sonny? - old people giving advice to young people
My Nose Is A Bit Runny - self diagnosing WebMD blog

These may or may not develop. Most likely they won't. But it would be cool if they did. Probably not.