Broken Promises

I regret to inform you that the Radio Show is not ready yet. (Awwww!) :( I know you are disappointed but the airwaves were jammed this week and I couldn't record it. So you'll just have to keep and ear out for it in the future. But that got me thinking. I shouldn't make promises I can't keep. Because then I break them and I look bad. So I promise to try not to break promises from now on. Broken promises are hard to fix. I was looking through the book Promises for Dummies and there was a big section on broken ones. It recommended not using a hammer (unless you promised to hammer in a nail but didn't). I didn't read much more than that but I think I know where it was going. It probably said promises are hard to unbreak, and to simply not do it in the first place. Alright, just keep an ear open for the show, it will be ready sometime ahead, I promise!