Dressed to Chill

I have to admit that I buy clothing based on two things: price and comfort. However, I shop for clothing at Wal-Mart and Target, so I guess I'm actually just worried about comfort. Comfort for me and comfort for you, so you are not made uncomfortable by staring at me naked. And so I would like to say that my style is unique. In high school, I wore sweatpants every day with a long sleeve shirt. It didn't always match, but at least I was comfortable. However, people in my school were so eager to point that out to me. I heard "Charlie your clothes clash" and "why do you always wear sweatpants?" And that was just the teachers. My friends noticed my clothes too. Now I wear khakis and long sleeve shirts. I know everyone wears jeans but they aren't comfortable for me. In fact I have sort of a “No Denim Allowed” policy (sorry Jay Leno!) Now I know nothing about fashion (remember I shop at Wal-Mart and Target), so don't bother me about it. It's not like I only wear one color, let's call it red. Came you imagine how lame that would be? Only wearing red, what a loser!