The holiday season is in full swing. Only 5 shopping days left until Christmas (1 until Hanukkah). So I'm just wishing everybody a pleasant last minute shopping and an even more pleasant holiday.
A lot of you may be wondering “Charlie, you keep mentioning Hanukkah (and you even spell it correctly!) Are you Jewish?” Yes I am. It's so great that I know what you are thinking and I can answer you right away. I love that.
That answers one question but it might bring up another. “What do you do on Christmas, Charlie?” Do you really want to know? Ok, don't twist my arm, I'll tell you.
The night before, I leave out cookies for Santa, just in case he stops by my Hanukkah bush. Then, it's Christmas morning. I wake up, run to window, and pretend that I'm looking at the ground covered in snow (just once I would like a white Christmas). The clock reads 11:30am. I run downstairs, only to find no tree and no presents. “The Grinch got us again,” I remark. I eat lunch. I go on Facebook and read all of the Merry Christmas posts. They are so generic and boring. Then, I loaf around until dinner, for tonight we a Chinese restaurant. Six o’ clock dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the family; it doesn't get much better than that. All of the soup and rice, mmmm good. Then, it’s time to head home and wind down. I catch the end of a Christmas story on TBS, and wonder when it will be on again. As I fall asleep at night, I turn the radio on, knowing full well that all of the Christmas songs are going to be gone when I wake up. Then, and only then, can we fully prepare for New Years. It's an exciting day, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, unless you offer me a good price. Just kidding, no trades. So Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!