For All of These Leftovers

Happy Cyber Monday!!! What did you buy? Anything good? I did some 10 o'clock Thanksgiving Day Walmart shopping (pre-Black Friday). If there's one thing I always say, it's I love the crowd of people that Walmart attracts. It is too bad that dentists don't offer Black Friday deals; set up an office in Walmart and they could make a fortune.

Now that the effect of Thanksgiving has worn off, I bet you're realizing something: there are a lot of leftovers. They come in all forms: food, clothes left at your house from Thanksgiving, people still at your house from Thanksgiving. Anything that was brought over for Thanksgiving and is still there now counts: ANYTHING! So the question is, what do we do with all of the leftovers? The American thing to do would be to eat it all, become obese, and contract diabetes. But what would the right thing to do be? Obviously, not to eat the leftover people. That's canabalism. Instead, I would eat one meal of leftovers, and then give away the rest of it. Nothing says happy December to your neighbor like a half eaten apple pie and a drunk guy you found passed out on your couch. It might, I don't know your neighbors, but it general, it doesn't. It is a better idea to clean up and organize things. So I gave you a checklist before Thanksgiving, and here's one for after Thanksgiving.

1. Turn off all lights not being used that somehow got turned on by your relatives
2. Wash the dishes (I know, gross, right?)
3. Clean the house
4. Put the valuables back on display
5. Take out the trash (or if you have kids, make them do it)
6. Wrap your Black Friday presents, unless you bought something for yourself, in which case you shouldn't wrap it, that would take the fun out of opening it (no surprise)
7. Relax, it was a successful holiday, except for the kids' concussions and bloody noses (who knew eating dinner was so dangerous?)

So, what's left? I guess not too much. The work week started again. You probably have stuff to do, but don't forget that holidays are important times for family and friends. And finally, we can focus on Christmas (and Hanukkah and Kwanza) in peace, without Thanksgiving getting in our way. Have a good holiday season.